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Staff: Sarah Fry

Sarah Fry, Science Faculty

Native to the country of Guyana, located just north of Brazil in South America, Mrs. Fry, her mother, and father migrated to Arizona in 2007. Initially interested in the medical field, Mrs. Fry earned her Bachelors Degree in Biology with an emphasis in pre-medicine from Grand Canyon University in 2016. During the process of applying to medical school, she made a life changing decision to teach at Pan American Charter School where she discovered a love for teaching and has redirected her goals to focus on her new passion. Mrs. Fry was invited to teach for the Leona Group at Maya High School in 2018. Mrs. Fry graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2020 with a Masters Degree in Biology with an emphasis in Curriculum Instruction and Design. Mrs. Fry holds a teaching certificate in the area of Biology. She is an adjunct professor of Biology at Phoenix College. In her spare time, Mrs. Fry enjoys cooking, baking, and spending quality time with her husband, two sons, and her large extended family. With a love of Science and a passion for teaching, Mrs. Fry is excited to share her knowledge of Biology with the students under her care at Madison Highland Prep. Go Heat!

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